Top 5 types of content that will drive traffic to your site

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Using content to strengthen your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is critical important that is able to help you get lots of organic traffic to your site and boost your site’s visibility in search engines effectively. That’s why we have the slogan “Content is King”. However, do you know how to make your content to be the king of the castle? As you might know there is a bunch of things related to content that you need to take into consideration. Let’s SEO Company Singapore shows you the very basic thing: Types of content. 

Types of content

Most business owners believe that content is all about writing articles, but it’s more than that. In fact, there are tons of different types of content you need to make use of so that you can get a difference- fresh traffic, targeted visitors, higher conversion rates and better SEO results. Keep in mind that you don’t have to try all of types that I am going to mentioned below as different content types will fit different businesses. If you believe that a certain type is not suit your business purposes, don’t use it. However, please don’t be afraid to try new ones. Some might think that it will take your time, it will be too hard to learn about new things, but let’s try it. Good things always take time. 

1.    Videos

When we are asked which content types can reach the most viewers’ attention, our answer would be Videos. According to recent studies, the number of people prefer watching videos is triple those who like reading articles. It means your site is able to get lots of traffic with well optimized videos. So, if you are considering how to evaluate whether your videos are enough attractive or not, let’s take a look on the following points:
•    Videos’ length. SEO services Singapore highly recommend to create 2-3 minutes videos which is known as long enough to keep viewers watching them. Don’t try to make longer videos, your visitors might get bored easily.
•    Videos’ content. Content is always the key of everything. Try to represent your idea perfectly within 3 minutes; otherwise, you will be failed.
•    Videos’ script. Keep in mind that videos are not only about the moving picture, it’s also about the words that you say or display to the audiences, too. Therefore, make sure that your script is clear, concise and accurate.

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2.    Infographics

Some people might be very familiar with Infographics. For those who haven’t had any idea about it, infographics is the way that people use graphic format design to show there complex information understandably. Infographics is determined as one of the effective content types that get the most shared, liked and loved from the audiences. To be proved of getting lots of significant benefits like that, why don’t you create your own infographics to capture your visitor’ attention and generate leads to your business?

3.    Products review

Another content type that you need to concern is products review. By conducting some reviews about your products/ services, this is the best way to gain the audiences’ trust and build your online reputation in this competitive business market. Let’s share your deep knowledge about as many products as you can, once you can do this effectively, you are likely to gain respect from both Google and the viewers.

4.    Meme

Meme is defined as one of the most funny and hilarious ways to deliver information to customers. If your site is all about texts, words or other serious kinds, let’s use meme to take a fresh look to your site. Many people just need to read something funny that they can laugh at and forget then, so make them feel happy with this content type. Best SEO Singapore quite sure that they will come back to visit your site soon. 

5.    How- to tips 

The main reason why people search the Internet is to look for their problems’ solution, and how- to guide is exactly the best way to help them clear up the matters. In order to create the interesting and useful how- to topics for your site, let’s look around on your comment section or some forums discussing your niche/ industry to find out what the hot topics these days are. And answer them accurately and professionally! It sounds quite simple, right?  

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In fact, there are tons of content types that you can apply for your site; however, please make sure that you can use them suitably and wisely. Hope you can get valuable information from this article and if you need our assistance in creating high quality content, just talk to us.

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