Tips from SEO Company: What to know about Facebook SEO?

seo company singapore- Facebook seo

According to SEO Company Singapore, thanks to the appearance of Facebook, businesses now focus on online marketing as well as branding via this social networking site. Creating a Facebook page for business purpose is quite easy but it’s not that simple to understand how Facebook affects your website’s ranking on search engine results. Furthermore, there are certain strategies to improve SEO ranking of your Facebook Page. What are you looking for? Have a look at this article to figure out the importance and some tips to gain SEO efficiency.

How does Facebook work for Google?

The popularity of social content considered as ranking factor on Google is also a signal to count in. SEO company in Singapore always keep their mind alert to Google restriction and regulations in order to ensure the effectiveness of their SEO technique.
There is a correlation between search ranking and the quality of content of that page that gets shared. There are evidence offered by many bloggers and SEO professionals that social signals do matter the search rankings. However, according to Cutts, this is a correlation, not causation:

“There was an SEO that said ‘We see a lot of likes on Facebook, and those are the pages that rank well; but that’s correlation, that’s not causation. Instead, it’s probably that there’s something really awesome, and because there’s something awesome, then it gets a lot of likes on Facebook, and a lot of people decide to link to it.”

Then, social signals on Facebook don’t affect the search rankings, but there are certain influences from Facebook to build your brand and increase website traffic.

Tactics to boost SEO with Facebook

seo company singapore- Facebook seo

Firstly, content should be engaged to demand of users, which means it is important to provide viewers with high quality, reliable and informative content that they want to know. In fact, most of companies take advantage of Facebook just as to attract readers and followers. Try to gain more likes, shares and comments from your post, which will improve your SEO ranking.

Secondly, choose the most appropriate facebook username for better URL and name the Facebook Page with keywords related to your brand and products. Make sure your customers have every chance to find you on search engines. Don’t use high valued generic keywords but combine them with your real business name or brand. Don’t change your name or your fans find it annoying to look for the page they have follow.

Thirdly, there are some tabs for you to fill in information like “About” and “Info”. Try to make use of all related keywords that have been well researched. These information will get picked up by search engines.

Lastly, connect your Facebook Page with some relevant sites such as your own website. In addition, you can share some relevant links on new posts to build links to your homepage. On your website, remember to place Facebook Button to link users to your Page and increase the number of fans and followers.


It is not simple and in a flash to create and expand your Facebook Page. On the contrary, you need careful planning and consistent execution to improve the growth rate, which can’t be done without the support from the best SEO company service. Search Engine will do the job as to bring you more customers and traffic beyond the expectation of the number of fans connected to on Facebook community, but expose to users without a Facebook account and one are using Google, Yahoo, MSN, Bing or any other search engines to search for the keywords.

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