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Top 5 Social media trends that strongly affect your SEO strategy

SEO Company Singapore will recommend some SEO trends for 2015 that can help you dominate your SEO campaign.

Are you worried about the challenges and opportunities of Social Media in 2015? Are you wondering what 2015 might look like for social media marketing? 

The Important Factors in any SEO campaign in 2015

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SEO Company Singapore recommend that when you initiate your SEO campaign, you should first choose the main keywords, then conduct a competitive backlink analysis, measure SEO parameters along the process and make periodic SEO reports to track your SEO progress. This practice will help you know exactly what you should do and properly optimize your website for search engine.

4 indispensable SEO tactics in 2015

In technology, what was applied today may already be outdated tomorrow. Turning to 2015, your company strategies should be reevaluated and go along with current trends. By observing, researching and practicing thoroughly, our SEO specialists at SEO Company in Singapore have predicted some of the most promising tactics that you should explore in the up-coming months of 2015.

1. Optimize for mobile search

SEO trends 2015 - how to optimize for mobile search

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As we have mentioned in the last article, our SEO specialists at SEO Company in Singapore have anticipated the impressive and increasing power of mobile search comparing to traditional web search in 2015 onwards. Hence, it is not overstated that mobile SEO strategies should receive the ultimate attention when providing SEO services in 2015.

Best SEO Company recommendations on how to cope with Search Engines

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Each SEO company in Singapore has different approach to process an SEO campaign. Yet their SEO campaigns still need to be adjusted frequently to the Search Engines’ algorithm changes. In this article, we would like to introduce you the basics of Search Engines’ operation and how to cope with them.

Search Engines serve main functions: (1) Collecting data (crawling) and building index (indexing); (2) Providing answers.

How to identify the unreliable SEO Company Singapore

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There is a large number of SEO Company in Singapore ready to accomplish your specific SEO needs. If you do not know how to find a suitable SEO company, you may end up wasting money without having actual expected benefits from the optimization process. In this article, we will demonstrate on how to distinguish best SEO company Singapore from a not-so-reliable one.

What is SEO?

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