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SEO Tips : How to keep visitors stay longer on your web page?

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Professional SE​O company always suggests trying to keep visitors stay on your web page as long as possible, which affects the bounce rate. How do you feel if people don’t stick around your website to read content longer even though you have spent many hours or even a day writing a blog article? It is understandable when you always want to keep visitors stay longer on your page, read and are prone to buy your products or services.

Why SEO consultants Singapore can boost your business?

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Are you tired of thinking ways to increase your Return on Investment? Why don’t you ask for help from SEO consultants in Singapore as a solution to your business development?

Search Engine Optimization is an intricate, methodical and important element of any online business, or any corporate entity for that matter. Without SEO, your website will just be buried below the rotting pile of search engine results and you’ll get almost zero conversions. With the help of a few local SEO tips though, your unfortunate situation can turn around.

Best SEO Company for Real Estate

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You are a Real Estate Agent looking for SEO company for Real Estate? It is supposed that there is a close relationship between professional SEO Company and real estate professionals in terms of Search engine Optimization (SEO). Getting the best SEO services for your company starts by hiring a top real estate SEO firm. With the right SEO tactics, you can take a site that is getting little notice and turn it into a site that gets plenty of attention.

Remarkable SEO technical problems and solutions

SEO technical problem

As you may know, SEO techniques have constantly changed over the past few years due to updated Google algorithms. Professional SEO companies are now in a rush to publish high qualified content that ranks and gets links. However, there are many technical SEO problems you may encounter besides content that affect your rankings.

Here are the most common SEO technical problems and solutions on which have been researched among the best SEO Company Singapore.

Headings' Importance in SEO


There are so many benefits that heading tags can bring to your web pages. However, in reality, there are a lot of Web designers not using heading tags, or just using only one or two in a document, and using images, font tags, and styled text instead.

Headings SEO Company Singapore

SEO in Singapore - Your first step to approach Online Marketing

SEO company Singapore

Having a website is not all you got. It’s a beginning to build its reputation and connect with your clients. Let’s see how SEO in Singapore works for your marketing campaign.

How SEO service Singapore can boost your business?

seo company singapore

Are you wondering ways to increase your Return on Investment? Have you ever thought of SEO agencies in Singapore as a solution to your business development?

Online trading or marketing currently plays an important role in attracting more and more visitors as well as bringing profit to your business. Since people get used to searching or asking Google and Bing (two most popular search engines) for information, it is indispensible to have appropriate and effective SEO process to improve the visibility of your website on Google searching rank.

100% loss of website’s traffic due to Error “Google bot access denied”

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Our team of SEO specialists at SEO Company in Singapore have recently discussed about a case of a client.  I received phone call from that client a few days ago notifying that all the keywords were stripped of top 100 ranks. I thought my client should be terrified of the incident though he appeared to be calmed and unruffled. Three hundred of keywords at rank of top 10 have suddenly gone. What happened? After a couple of minutes to take a grip on myself, I analyze the following possible causes:

Advertisement on a budget in Singapore

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It is indispensable to set up marketing and advertisement strategy for a company to reach their sales target. However, getting the best result based on the advertising budget is definitely a challenge. SEO (Search Engine Optimization), especially SEO in Singapore has been trending advertising solution for Singaporean companies with desire of reaching their target customers without spending too much on traditional marketing and advertising tool.

How Google+ Affects SEO Plan

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Our SEO specialists at SEO Company in Singapore admit that Google+ is one of the social networks that affect search engines. It will help you push your keyword ranks by Google+. So, you should consider finding out how to optimize this kind of social network for your SEO plan.


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