SEO Tips: 10 things to do when you start your Google Part 2

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Professional SEO Company Singapore always recommends using Google + as a free yet effective SEO technique. If you want your content to be found on the Internet, search engine optimization (SEO) is vital. According to research from “Searchmetrics”, social signals account for seven out of the top eight factors correlated with Google search results, but Google +1s take the top spot.

Google Plus is not only a channel for you to approach current and potential customers but also a method to produce more content that ranks you higher on Google search results. When you first start your search on Google, it will look around the resources for the first time, which encourages you to make more effort to manage your Google Plus. Hence, the following 10 tips are essential to ones have just launched their business on Google Plus and even ones have done for a while. 

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Share your content

seo company Singapore-Google + content

In order to have Google support your page, you have to post article on a regular basis. Share the URL of the article on your blog and information related to your business (news or upcoming events). In addition, the information and content can be attained from other blog pages or websites. Try to make your post vivid via the illustration and stand out on Google Plus.

Research correct keywords

Make sure that you added correct keywords in your public shares including blog title, photos, description and any other things which can describe the topic of all content. All of these keywords will be indexed by Google and added to rankings and levels of trustworthiness of all related topic that can be searched on Google.

Don’t forget your source

Once you add one more social page to promote your products/ service, don’t forget to let your audience know about it via your current social media channel. This will help you to develop later on. Whenever you post an article on Facebook, link it with your Google + account and add an icon of Google + in order to link readers to your business homepage.  

Join Google + community

seo company Singapore-Google + content

Google+ community contains groups of people who are interested in the same topic. Why don’t you join the community and show people about your professional by participating in all the discussion and sharing your knowledge.

Tips: Always keep in mind your target on Google + and other social networks is to provide your customers with true value. Once joining Google + community, make sure the content you are about to share is helpful and related to the group. Don’t tarnish your image by deliberately trying to promote your products.

In short, whether you’re finding ways to build up marketing channels for your business or just want to take advantage of potential Google + to boost your business’ SEO as getting higher ranking on search results, they are still reasons you had better start your Google + right away. Make sure you have asked for consultancy from professional SEO company or spend time studying SEO technique by yourself before starting. 

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