SEO Tips: 10 things to do when you start your Google + (Part 1)

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Professional SEO Company Singapore always recommends using Google + as a free yet effective SEO technique. If you want your content to be found on the Internet, search engine optimization (SEO) is vital. According to research from “Searchmetrics”, social signals account for seven out of the top eight factors correlated with Google search results, but Google +1s take the top spot.

Google +1s have the highest correlation with Google search ranking (0.4), higher than the number of Facebook shares  (0.34), number of backlinks (0.34), and total Facebook Likes, Share and Comments (0.34)

seo company Singapore

Google Plus is not only a channel for you to approach current and potential customers but also a method to produce more content that ranks you higher on Google search results. When you first start your search on Google, it will look around the resources for the first time, which encourages you to make more effort to manage your Google Plus. Hence, the following 10 tips are essential to ones have just launched their business on Google Plus and even ones have done for a while.

Get the appropriate Google + account

Your business doesn’t want to create simple and ordinary Google + page but a professional one to help sell your brand, right? Why don’t you start with business pages from Google? Choose your business type, and then fill in your address and contact.

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Create local Google + page

Customers find information related to your local business easily including address, contact and map created by Google from the local Google + place. In addition, it helps users find more related information about your business profile on Google search results. 

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Filling up your introduction

You have space to tell people about your business’ story on Google + page (where you can introduce and sell your brand) as well as links to your products / services, blog and your web pages which are the most important. This allows potential customers to completely know who you are and what you do. Moreover, the information is indexed by Google, displayed and added to your ranking on Google search results.

Input avatar and banner image

Like other social pages, Google + requires a Logo and a banner image. These help people to recognize you right away and also tell them about your brand. Tip : recommended size of logo photo should be 270 x 270 pixels and 2120 x 1192 pixels for banner.

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Connect to people and entrepreneurs

On Google +, you had better insert people into your circle if you want them to do something thanks to the rotational activities such as send email to a list of receivers, build up and classify group of people in your circle. Google Plus recommended some basic circles like Family, Friends, Acquaintances, Following, but you can create new categories if you like. Keep in mind that people whom you add to your circle will receive notification on their home Google +

Choose appropriate group to share content

Once starting circle on Google +, you are able to classify the audience who can see the content according to categories you have set up. If the message is related some specific groups, you can set up the content limitation before posting. Or if you want to share the post publicly, feel free to choose all groups in your circles. However, the best SEO company would always make it public to make sure the content will appear on everyone’s homepage. 

(to be continued)

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