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Text is defined as a part of paragraph. How about anchor text? How is its importance? Usage? All will be answered by the best SEO Company Singapore in this article today. Definition Accortding to Wordstream, Anchor text is the clickable text in a hyperlink. SEO best practices dictate that anchor text be relevant to the page you're linking to, rather than generic text.
Having new ideas to write articles is a big concern for copywriters who are working in SEO field. In addition, it is not only about coming up new ideas to write but also about how to make those ideas unique, interesting and attractive to readers.The best SEO Services in Singapore provides you with some useful sources that may inspire you and finally help you have new ideas. 
Headers and contents are always the key elements to draw readers’ attention to your website. To make readers curious and have clicks on your pages is not an easy work. With the aim to help you propose interesting and effective headlines that evoke readers’ inspiration, the SEO company Service in Singapore provide you helpful tips below: 
SEO technical problem
As you may know, SEO techniques have constantly changed over the past few years due to updated Google algorithms. Professional SEO companies are now in a rush to publish high qualified content that ranks and gets links. However, there are many technical SEO problems you may encounter besides content that affect your rankings.
  There are so many benefits that heading tags can bring to your web pages. However, in reality, there are a lot of Web designers not using heading tags, or just using only one or two in a document, and using images, font tags, and styled text instead.
 It can be very confusing to looking for a SEO company nowadays because there is a wide range of prices for SEO services out there. In fact, it is not easy to define how much is affordable for SEO service payment. Pricing should be based upon the types of services you need and the quality of work they produce for you. High quality work might be worth a bigger initial investment than lower quality services. 
If you are going to build a website and want to increase traffic to your site, there is a question always lingering in your mind: SEO or Google Adwords, which one is better? So let’s take a look at what they bring to your business and figure out the answer by yourself. 
What is PageRank?
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Have you ever worried about your site’s ranking? It is dropped, it is not good as before, it is not in the top as usual- are they your considerations about ranking? Knowing your problems, Best SEO company Singapore would like to share some useful information which can clear your issues up.
To achieve business goals many business owners put more effort into your marketing campaign. Search Engine Optimization is one of common tool in Marketing and brings more benefits to a business. With an effective SEO strategy, it can drive more traffic to your website; especially increase your Google rank.
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