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The benefits of infographics in business

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In fact, there are dozen different content types that are created and used every day such as articles, videos, infographics, products review, tweets or social media posts. Nowadays, getting your content noticed and outstanding is really hard if you don’t know how to take full advantage of each kind. Today, SEO Company Singapore will show you the importance of one of content’s kind- infographic and the reasons why you need to use it on your site.

The connection between SEO and user experience

As a business owner, especially who are doing SEO for their website, “Which SEO techniques can they use to make their site reach the first page of search engines” might be the biggest consideration. Let’s SEO Company shows you another thing that you should take into account to get high position, instead of keeping asking about SEO tactics- it’s user experience (UX).

Is Google PageRank still important in 2015? (part 2)

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At our previous article “Is Google PageRank still important in 2015? (part 1)”, SEO Company Singapore has shown you Google PageRank’s definition and its updated history from 2008 until 2013.

Is Google PageRank still important in 2015? (part 1)

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As a business owner, especially who are running Search engine Optimization (SEO) strategies for their site, has heard for many times about Google PageRank which used to be very important to the ranking in SERPs. The question is raised nowadays is whether Google PageRank has played an important role in SEO as before or not. Well, it is quite hard to give you the exact answer.

10 most important SEO Ranking Factors (Part 2)

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At our previous article “10 most important SEO Ranking Factors (Part 1)”, SEO Company has shown you the first top 5 important SEO ranking factors that are Site content, Keywords optimization, Site domain, Number of comments per post, “Contact us” and “About us” part.

10 most important SEO ranking factors (part 1)

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As running any SEO strategies, both business owners and SEO suppliers need to update the latest ranking factors in 2015 in order not to be outranked by other competitions who are trying their best to compete with you for higher rankings and more organic traffic. Google’s algorithms have changed hundreds time for a year; therefore, don’t be a backward company.

Google Panda & Penguin: What SEO should know (Part 2)

How to survive?

Google Panda & Penguin: What SEO should know (Part 1)

If you are heading to improving SEO performance on Google, The Best SEO Company in Singapore recommends you had a look at the below article to build deep understanding about the two most powerful algorithm: Panda and Penguin. After figuring out how they are different from each other, you may know what your business need at the current time. 


Top 5 types of content that will drive traffic to your site

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Using content to strengthen your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is critical important that is able to help you get lots of organic traffic to your site and boost your site’s visibility in search engines effectively. That’s why we have the slogan “Content is King”. However, do you know how to make your content to be the king of the castle? As you might know there is a bunch of things related to content that you need to take into consideration.

SEO beginner: Where to start? (Part 2)

This article will talk about characteristics that SEO beginners should have in attempt to develop professional career. Success is like an iceberg. To reach the achievement that everybody desire, you’ll have to face tons of challenges and risks that good characteristics will help you ease them up. 


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