SEO mistakes that can kill your business.

Over the past few years, many “SEO experts” have declared the end to the Search Engine Optimization era. However, only true experts see that it is not that SEO services is dying; rather it is at its crossroads where SEO rules have changed and the specialists have been trying to adapt to the new environment. People have been cheating the Search Engines by forbidden methods to get to the top pages of Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). These days, Search Engines, especially Google, have become stronger than ever. They constantly tweak the algorithms to preserve and enhance the integrity of the natural search results. Therefore, the old dirty tricks would now do more harm than good to your rankings. It can even destroy all of your efforts if you do it wrong. Below are some suggestions not to follow:

Content carelessness:

No doubt you are familiar with the phrase: “Content is king.” It is true though. You need to create content that is original, fresh and human-friendly:
Original – Although Google doesn’t automatically regard all duplicate content as spam, too much duplication will be penalized. Do not just simply copy-paste content from other site to yours. It will be worse if you own quite a few sites and you put the same content on all of those sites is not a good SEO strategy at all. 
Fresh – Creating new content and updating older ones is a great way to get attention from search engines and potential customers. If you don't have time for writing creative content, you can just use the SEO services on content as the prices for this kind of SEO service in Singapore is pretty cheap
Human-friendly – You’re writing for people to read, not search engines. Google has worked hard to improve users’ search experience. They are trying to make sure that when a user follows a link, they will get the needed information rather than a string of meaningless keywords. Keywords have to be used wisely because “keyword stuffing” can harm your rankings and eventually hurt your business.

SEO optimization, Content King

Few social connections:

Social Media has become a critical factor in SEO. Your participation on social media sites such as Google+, Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin are becoming increasingly important for your rankings. Google and Bing look at factors such as how many tweets and re-tweets an URL has; the authority of the person or company that’s re-tweeting; the number of Facebook shares an URL has; and so forth. If you are not getting any attention to the crowd on social media, you’re missing a significant opportunity to optimize for your websites,a s well as connecting with potential customers.

Boring blog or worse – No blog:

If your blog is boring, irrelevant and not updated frequently, you’re compromising your SEO efforts. The reasons are the same with the case where you have too few social connections. Moreover, you also sacrifice your chance to utilize long-tail keywords, i.e., searches using three or more words, and including adjectives and geographical locations and long-tail keywords make up about 70% of Google searches. But remember that thing about content being king. Your blog should be relevant to your business in some way, and it should be engaging.

Link laxity:

It’s great to be noticed and linked to by other sites – except some cases. Because quality is much more important than quantity, backlinks are only good if they’re the right type of links; this means that the links are well earned: they are relevant to your business and come from reputable, high-authority sites. Bad links will only cost you penalties from Google.

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Ad apathy:

Organic SEO can accomplish a lot, but sometimes it needs a little help. Google’s AdWords could provide just the reinforcement as Pay-per-click advertising can allow your company to target low-volume, high converting long-tail keywords that would be difficult to obtain organically. After all, it’s nearly impossible to get consistently high rankings for all of your targeted keywords, so you need to use every available tool.

If all of this seems like too much to handle, many business owners and managers are too busy to maintain their companies’ web content and they simply lack the expertise to do an effective job. Depending upon your company’s needs, you may need to add an SEO professional to your permanent staff, or hire an independent SEO Company.

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Sources: Retrieved from reliable SEO forums and websites.
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