SEO expert Tips: What you should know about Google Penguin Algorithm

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Google Penguin Algorithm is one of the most concerned issues that professional SEO companies keep updated continuously. Whenever Google does a major algorithm update we all rush off to our data to see what changed in terms of rankings, search traffic, and then look for the trends to try to figure out what changed.

It would be cautious for SEO companies when Google offers 2 major version rollouts and 5 updates in 2012. Hence, what you have to pay key attention to is how to Penguin proof your link building strategy or how to regain from the penalty that destroyed and caused severe damage to your rankings. .

What is Google Penguin?

Google Penguin is the algorithm that Google made to target link spam. It was announced on April 24, 2012 and targets link schemes, automation tactics, and poor quality link building. Basically, anything meant to game the rankings of a site through links. Penguin is meant to catch tactics such as blog comment spam, directory spam, article spam, buying links, link networks, and many other methods that were used to quickly rank a website with low quality links or practices that violate Google Webmaster Guidelines. While we mainly see Penguin associated with links, it also looks at many other items.


How Often Are Google Penguin Updates Rolled Out?

·         April 24, 2012: Penguin 1

·         May 25, 2012: Penguin 1.2

·         October 5, 2012: Penguin 1.3

·         May 22, 2013: Penguin 2.0

·         October 4, 2013: Penguin 2.1

·         October 18, 2014: Penguin 3.0

·         December 11, 2014: Google has said that the Penguin Algorithm will now have regular updates on a continuous basis

Google Penguin released the first update in April 2012 impacting approximately 3% of all English language websites. Updates for Penguins are not regularly announced but actually there have been at least 5 updates for Google Penguin, 

How Google Penguin Algorithms negatively affect your website

Google is always cautious of dirty trick from SEO companies that they always want to get to number one on the first page. That’s the reason why Google provides strict strict regulations updates years after years continuously to make sure the website which gains high rankings are not spammy but offers users high quality and useful content.

Methods to assess the popularity of sites are always kept shifting and changing. It would take time to recover once your website ranking is damaged by being implemented penalty from Google Penguins. Black hat SEO techniques are always unfair and will be penalized since it doesn’t bring real value and useful information to users. 


As a professional SEO company, you always have to take the Google Penguin algorithm into consideration in case of negative SEO to avoid Google penalty. Due to being algorithmic not manual, it will be not easy. Are you in concern of your web’s ranking? Or do you think your site is affected by Google penalty?  Contact SEO Company Singapore at +65 6871 4838  for accurate diagnosis and boost your page ranking. 

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