SEO beginner: Where to start? (Part 2)

This article will talk about characteristics that SEO beginners should have in attempt to develop professional career. Success is like an iceberg. To reach the achievement that everybody desire, you’ll have to face tons of challenges and risks that good characteristics will help you ease them up. 


The determined factor to survive in SEO industry is patience. In the world of Internet, changes happen every day. If you are not patient, the feeling of being lost behind the crowd will knock you down sooner or later. It doesn’t matter if you are a pioneer or not, the more important thing is how to catch up with the new wave. Moreover, you need patience to get back up after failure. It’s not wrong to say that success is contrast of failure. However, being patience will help your realize that the biggest success that you get at that time results from bunch of failure before. 


Mind-opening is a very essential characteristic for a SEO specialist. There are moments in life when you feel that you are going backward while everybody is moving on. In those cases, if you let your mind open up with new ideas, new techniques, new knowledge from surrounding network even if they’re difficult to accept or implement right away, you will find more motivation in your job, instead of depression. Sometimes, choosing to step back to prepare for a greater come back is also a good choice showing that you overcome your ego, your fear to do the best for your career. 



Why do you need to be modest? To answer this question, maybe you want to have a brief analysis on what if you are and are not modest. Being modest doesn’t mean hiding yourself or your work. It is the way you conduct your job under the spirit of non-stop learning. Time flies and life could change way faster than you can think of. Being an expert today doesn’t guarantee the same position following days unless you’re always willing to upgrade yourself modestly. Now you are a beginner, it’s even more crucial to be modest. 


Success is like an iceberg. What people usually see is the surface where glory places regardless to what’s underneath it. If you are taking SEO career in serious consideration, prepare yourself with hard-working, dedication and sometimes sacrifice. Will you sit there and wait for someone to teach you about the latest algorithm updates from Google? Will an SEO Campaign rely on slow-paced and lazy working attitude of retainers who ensure high final result without any outstanding effort? In any aspect of our lives, success is never reached without hard-working. 



The last but not least characteristic that every SEO beginner should have is creativity. Creative thinking can be applied to content writing, keywords brainstorming or even coding. Being creative in an appropriate way will be the best weapon of any success SEO campaign. However, The Best SEO Company in Singapore doesn’t encourage you to be creative in applying unethical or illicit practices that may harm your website ranking on Search Engines. Professionals respect regulations. 


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