New AdWords Shopping Campaigns Report

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Offers advertisers more post-click insights on their Shopping Campaigns performance.
Google’s overhaul of ecommerce features in Google Analytics is now officially out of bet

Launched in May to provide merchants with a more complete view of how visitors navigate through the purchasing funnel, “Enhanced Ecommerce” is being released today with more tools. Also new for e-commerce advertisers, Google is rolling out a new Shopping Campaigns report in the AdWords section of Google Analytics.

Google Analytics is now officially out of beta
With these new features, Google says Analytics is now “a complete solution for ecommerce businesses” as retailers approach the holiday rush. Enhanced e-commerce runs on Universal Analytics and relies on retailers tagging their sites with the ec.js plugin.

The new reporting is meant to help merchants focus, not just on what is selling, but on where and why other visitors aren’t converting. It can also track and report refunds. Google states:

Importantly, Enhanced Ecommerce gives you the ability to identify segments of customers who are falling out of the shopping funnel. You can then focus on these high intent-­to­-purchase customers with remarketing or by optimizing your checkout flow.

Product Lists And Product Attribution

Product Lists are “logical groupings” of products on a retailer’s site, based on the tagging. Product Lists can report on catalog and search results pages, related products and cross-sell and up-sell blocks of products. Merchants can then see which list users saw, the products that displayed in those lists and the performance metrics — clicks, views, click-through-rate — for each list, list position and product.

The Product List Performance report lets retailers identify how customers find and interact with products before purchasing them. The report includes Product Attribution data such as a “last action” attribute. That attribute gives credit to the last Product List that the user interacted with before converting. Merchants can use the Product Attribution functionality to understand which Product Lists drive conversions.

Mobile App Analytics

The Google Analytics SDK supports Enhanced Ecommerce, so retailers with mobile apps can analyze product performance and customer behavior across mobile and web.

Shopping Campaigns Report 

The new Shopping Campaigns report in the AdWords section of Google Analytics will begin rolling out over the next few weeks and will appear automatically for advertisers that have linked their AdWords and Analytics accounts. The report will offer deeper insights into Shopping Campaigns performance including the product categories that drive site engagement and revenue for bid optimization.

New Shopping Campaigns report in Google Analytics rolling out.
Google has partnered with Shopify, PrestaShop, Blue Acorn for Magento and mShopper to make implementation easier for retailers on those platforms. Each now offers a pre-built Enhanced Ecommerce integration for its customers.

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