How Does Social Media affect SEO?

According to SEO Company Singapore, there are updates of algorithm in search engine that require SEO companies to change their techniques in the past. Social media sharing is becoming prominent in your overall SEO strategy. With the development of internet and the increase in demand of using internet to surf web for information and shop online, your marketing tactics need adaptability. To be frank, Social media channels do have certain impact on the SEO techniques. Let’s have a look at this article to investigate the issue in detail.

Impacts of Social sites on SEO

Link Potential

Your brand and website content have more chances to get noticed and aware of via social media activity. For example, you post a video of a new product feature which gets shared 30 times on Facebook. One of those shares is seen by a Facebook user who has a blog. This blogger feels interested in the topic of that video and writes new content about the new feature and links back to the website and video in the article. If the blogger hadn’t seen video shared on Facebook News Feed, there wouldn’t have been such link. These links will devote to the general link profile as well as SEO impact.


Google + activity and reviews are used to personalize search results in case user sign in with his/her account. Google also offer the Circle feature which allows users to create a circle of new contact on Google+ community. Once you stay connected to an account via Google+ and this person reviewed a business +1ed a page or posted on Google + about the topic you’re looking for, your ranking on search results will be higher thanks to the connection.

Traffic volume and Site engagement

As being mentioned at the beginning, social media can manage to boost the volume of traffic to your website, which plays as an important key element in search engine ranking. New posts on social media channels driving the most traffic are blog posts, video, event listings and other high quality content. The bounce rate also participate in your organic results as it depends on the number of users come and visit your pages, then spend a while reading the whole page before leaving.

Social media practices that boost SEO

Gain more and more followers: The number of followers and connection with your social media profile has considerable impact on your ranking in terms of the more organic followers your site has, the higher ranking you gain. Make sure the following must be built organically because Google will check the quality of your followers.

Encourage external inbound links: The more varied links you gave, the more authorized you are. So what is the tip to attain? Your content must be high-quality, informative, useful and authoritative enough to attract links. Considering this aspect, social media serves the role of a broadcast channel.

Let SEO experts optimize your post: Google always prefers popular social media updates to place them in top sections of SERPs. Make sure your posts are optimized that it get chances to attain such position.

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