Is Google PageRank still important in 2015? (part 2)

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At our previous article “Is Google PageRank still important in 2015? (part 1)”, SEO Company Singapore has shown you Google PageRank’s definition and its updated history from 2008 until 2013. And now, in order to clear up your consideration which is raised at the very beginning that whether Google PageRank has still maintained its important role in ranking as before or not, please keep your eyes going through this article, it won’t let you down.

Does Google PageRank still matter?

For many people who have been making their living on the Internet for several years, Google PageRank was one of the most special things that you need to keep track of. At that time, it was used to determine your page’s important. In case you got low PageRank point, your page was considered as not a trustworthy source of information to your audiences. You can see how bad the consequences are. As mentioned in previous article, Google have stopped updating for PageRank since 2013 that partly shows the decline of its power.

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In fact, Google PageRank haven’t had much impacts anymore. These days, having high PageRank point doesn’t mean anything. It cannot make you to be the winner with high position in SERPs results. Furthermore, your site can be outranked easily by a site with lower PageRank. 
According to some studies of SEOmoz, the correlation between PageRank and your ranking in SERPs was barely 0.2 while the perfect number would be 1. The truth is PageRank affected significantly to ranking in the past, but it’s no longer true. Therefore, because of the slight correlation of Google PageRank and ranking, you don’t need to invest too much your efforts in improving your PageRank- it’s not necessary. There is a variety of other ranking factors which have been established since the launch of PageRank. It is highly recommended to learn about the current ranking factors to get better results. 

What should we do?

With our seasoned experience, instead of considering constantly about Google PageRank’s importance, SEO services Singapore believe that there are tons of other things that you should pay attention to such as the number of visitors you get everyday, the page views your site reach each month, the average time per visit of your audiences or your how your bounce rate is this month, etc.
Additionally, you might know that Google’s algorithms have been changed all the time. Nowadays, Google, with some significant updates such as Panda and Penguins, has focused on other factors in your site: content and links. Besides, it has take closer attention to your social signals such as how you interact with your audiences, how well your site is being shared. As one of the best SEO suppliers in Singapore, we highly suggest you take a look on those points below:
•    Creating high quality content. This is the very first and basic thing that every business owner need to take into account when doing business online. Keep in mind that content can impact seriously to your reputation. If you can satisfy your audience’s demands by providing useful information, your site will be known as a trustworthy and reliable source; otherwise, you are able to get failed.
•    Getting good links. As you know, getting links from unreliable sources can make you get hits from Google. Remember that quality is over quantity. Make sure that your site includes links from high reputable sites; otherwise, you have to be penalized by Google.
•    Using social media platforms. With the rapid development of social networks, the ignorance of using them is a serious mistake. Let’s make a plan how to optimize your social platforms, in the long run, your site will be rank better. 

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•    Don’t be overhasty. Last but not least, you have to know that SEO is a long story, it doesn’t end up within several minutes. So, be patient. Investing your energy in building quality things for your customers.

In conclusion, you might realize that Google PageRank haven’t had important role as much as anymore. Getting high PageRank can not bring successful or great sales to your site in the future. Therefore, it is better to consider it equally with other factors. Stop worrying too much about PageRank, focus to provide good things to your audiences, your trying will be rewarded. If you need our assistance, please feel free to contact SEO Company service Singapore.

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