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According to professional SEO company Singapore, newbie to blogging can understand that tag clouds are typically found on the sidebar of a website. They create a visual image which represents the most popular content based on keywords most often used. The more a keyword is used throughout a site, the larger that tag will appear in the  tag cloud. Internet Marketing is larger than all other tags, letting you know at a glance what the main focus of the website is about. Simply put a tag cloud is a grouping of keywords which are external hyperlinks on your site.


A tag cloud is a small summary of tags used throughout your website and can be implemented for several reasons: as an alternative navigation, to provide a quick overview of the website, article, pictures,… and an attempt to give the SEO (search engine optimization) a boost. (Paul Olyslager)

Using tags cloud, users can easily see the most used tags from the visualization used in the cloud. While categories can be more general, tags are more specific keywords and they can accurately describe the content of website. There are pros and cons of using tag clouds in professional SEO service. Some agree that it has great benefits to SEO effort and the Google Spider trust it to go through content on your blog, while the others dismissed it.

Design of a tag cloud

Tags are diverse in terms of font size, colors and weights which are also known as the importance of the keywords or the frequency of appearance on your site or article. Tags with less frequent use are considered less important, which accordingly results in a smaller font size, less weight and lower color contrast.

Positive or Negative Effects?

Tag cloud leaves a big question and a controversial topic that there has been no conclusion so far. It has both positive and negative impacts on SEO effectiveness simultaneously. Tag Clouds are ideal to create extra internal links on your site which is the main factors of SEO, but they can look like you are stuffing the keywords due to the big number of links stuffed together as well as their randomness. A small tag cloud won’t hurt but can help a little bit. However, a larger one will hurt your Page rank as it look like spam. In terms of SEO advantage, it makes your website/ blog rich of keywords and can be navigation tool that visitors use to navigate through different keywords of interest on your site. Tag cloud can provide your blog visitors with good information about the most frequent on your blog, which means you have more content related to particular ones.

This could be a way to have one without having to worry about the potential SEO downsides to a tag cloud, but it also prevents the benefits. The overall tone of the video is slightly against using tag clouds, as they have a bit of a risk associated with them and not a whole lot of potential benefit, however if they are used properly with adherence to standard SEO rules, you will be fine to use one. Ultimately, whether or not to use a tag cloud is a personal choice and should be made with user’s interests in mind, just so long as it will not cause any major SEO problems.

So, what’s your opinion? Let’s watch the video below to know his conclusion in detail.



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