10 most important SEO Ranking Factors (Part 2)

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At our previous article “10 most important SEO Ranking Factors (Part 1)”, SEO Company has shown you the first top 5 important SEO ranking factors that are Site content, Keywords optimization, Site domain, Number of comments per post, “Contact us” and “About us” part. Our rest of ranking factors will be represented in this article; hope you find valuable and can implement those tactics into your SEO strategies.

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6. User experience

As you might know, Webmaster Guidelines clearly states that “Google’s goal is to provide users with the most relevant results and a great user experience”. Nowadays, Google focuses on users’ satisfaction to rank your site, that’s why the ignorance of this measurement is a grave mistake. Normally, you can estimate your site’s ability in meeting viewers’ requirement through two factors: bounce rate and average time per visit by taking the data directly from Google Analytics. Let’s take a look on those elements for further information:
•    Bounce rate. Bounce rate is a very familiar definition for every business owners that is the proportion of viewers leaving your site immediately after reading just one single page. There are many reasons leading to high bounce, but most of them show that your site fail to keep viewers stay longer on your site. It partly means that your site is not able to satisfy audiences.
•    Average time per visit. Keep your visitors reading more and more pages on your site really matters. The fact is, the longer they stay, the higher ranking your site reach.

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7. Mobile optimization

Having a well- optimized website for modern devices like smartphone and tablet devices has become one of the hottest topic in SEO industry. Google has officially stated mobile- friendly as a ranking factors recently. According to recent surveys, over 60% of searchers used their mobile phones or tablet devices to surfing the Internet, and SEO services Singapore believe will be increased significantly in the next time. Make sure that your site is well represented on all kinds of devices instead of one single type like computer as before; otherwise, you are likely to be outranked by your competitions.

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8. Backlinks

It is really a huge mistake if backlinks are not mentioned as an important ranking factor. You might know that if content is king, backlinks must be queen. Backlinks have played an indispensable part for over 10 years. These days, some might argue that they will lose their power and value; however, in fact your site is not able to get high ranking without good backlinks. When it comes to mentioning about backlinks, there is a bunch of things that you need to take into account, such as:
•    Backlinks quality. In many years ago, Google based on your number of backlinks to determine your ranking. The more backlinks you have, the higher ranking you can get. It’s all about the quantity. But today, quality always wins. Instead of focusing on how many backlinks you have, Google also consider its relevancy and authority. As the best SEO Singapore, we highly recommended to get backlinks from relevant, reliable and trustworthy sources. By start contrast, if you have low- quality backlinks from unrelated websites, a penalty is on the verge of happening. 
•    Backlinks variety. In reality, it is better to have a variety of backlinks. Try to be creative and get different types of links. Nevertheless, make sure that you are not creating backlinks that are violating Google’s guidelines. 

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9. Outbound links to low quality websites

Similar to backlinks, make sure that your site don’t link to unrelated websites that are unindexed or penalized by Google. The quality of those sites you linked to will heavily affect to your ranking in the future. Therefore, the best choice is to select websites from your niche/ industry and having good reputation as well.

10. Social signals

Another ranking measurement that you need to know is social signals. There are tons of different social network sites that you usually utilize to boost your ranking in search engines. The point is how Google can rank your site accurately? Thanks to those element below:
•    Number of your friends/ fans/ followers on Facebook/ Twitter/ Pinterest…
•    Number of shared, liked your post on those social networks.
•    Number of people’s posts mentioning about your brand/ company/ business.
Take a look around all of your social media platforms and identify those number yourself. If your figures are lower than expected, we afraid that they can affect your ranking severely. 

Here are top 10 important SEO ranking factors that SEO Company services want to share with you. Hope they are good enough to implement for your site. If you need our assistance, please feel free to contact us. We are willing to be your best SEO consultant.

Source: Consolidate from many SEO sources. 

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10 most important SEO Ranking Factors (Part 2)
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