10 most important SEO ranking factors (part 1)

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As running any SEO strategies, both business owners and SEO suppliers need to update the latest ranking factors in 2015 in order not to be outranked by other competitions who are trying their best to compete with you for higher rankings and more organic traffic. Google’s algorithms have changed hundreds time for a year; therefore, don’t be a backward company. Following are top 10 important SEO ranking factors that SEO Company would like to show today. Let’s take a look and add them into your plan now. 

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In reality, there are tons of ranking factors out there. It’s quite hard to tell the exact number, but not all those factors are equally important. It means some are truly a must- have technique, but others might not make much differences for your site. 

1.    Site content

With our seasoned experience, SEO services Singapore has emphasized the importance of your site’s content for many times. Because of tons of other benefits that content is able bring to your business, it is highly recommended to invest your time and effort in creating really high- quality content. When it comes to determining whether your content is good enough or not, please take a look on those standards below for further information:
•    Content value. As you might know that most of your viewers are seeking for their troubles’ answer when surfing the Internet; therefore, if your site can deliver valuable and useful news for them, it will be much easier to engage them in the future. That’s why we have the slogan “Quality always wins”
•    Content length. Some business owners usually ignore the role of content length in SEO without understanding that it has become one of the main element measurements your ranking. Some current studies show that those sites which have articles over 2000 words per each get higher chance to show up on top pages of Google. It is clear to see that content length has direct impact to your ranking; thus, stay focus on creating long articles for better outcome.
•    Content update. Another necessary thing about content that you need to concern is content update. The fact is Google especially favors websites which update their content frequently. Knowing this trend of Google, don’t forget to post your articles regularly.
•    Content uniqueness. As the best SEO Singapore, we strongly believe that duplicating content from other sources is really bad no matter how excellent they are. If you want to rank higher in search engines, let’s create your own content which are the unique ones.

2.    Keywords optimization

Using keywords in SEO strategies is very familiar for all of us. But how to optimized them effectively in 2015? Is there something new that you need to apply for your site? To tell the truth, the way your page is optimized with keywords has the most profound effect on its ranking. In fact, keyword has been decreased its role nowadays, SEO plan is not all about keywords anymore. Let’s SEO Company services summarize things related to keywords that you need to know:
•    Keyword in title tag and description. Search engines will use title tag to display as your main article’s topic. And description will help you gain more user clicks from search results pages. Therefore, including keywords in title tag and description makes your site more relevant to both search engines and the searchers. 
•    Keyword in your article. Adding keywords into your articles has been a good idea. Long time ago, stuffing your page with keywords was a surefire way to increase your site’s ranking; however it’s not effective anymore. Long gone the era of overstuffing keywords, now you need to use them smartly. 

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3.    Site domain

Actually, your domain can affect your site’s ranking as well. Here are few things about domain that’s worth paying attention to:
•    Domain history. The fact is, you might not be the first one who registered this domain. It is highly recommended to check the domain history before purchasing new domain to make sure that it wasn’t penalized in the past. Having bad history like that can affect your current ranking.
•    Domain age. How long that your domain has been around? Google considers domains registered for longer than a year as more trustworthy. However, keep in mind that domain age doesn’t mean how long you have owned this domain, it depends on how long your domain has been indexed by Google. These days, a lot of companies intend to purchase aged domains for their business without understanding that a 10- year domain but not be indexed by Google is the same as domain that you bought yesterday.
•    Domain registered place. In case that you are targeting a specific local market, SEO Companies Singapore suggest you to get a domain with a specific country, such as .uk, .sg, … to achieve better ranking.

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4.    Number of comments per post

There is no doubt that articles with tons of comments are usually ranking better. Some business owners are careless this part without knowing that Google looks at how often users comment on your website to rank your site.

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5.    “Contact us” and “About us” part 

If your “Contact us” or “About us” part in your site is not well- optimized, let’s do it right now. Both Google and users don’t like anonymous sites which doesn’t show any information about your company. Make sure that your users are able to connect with you with ease.

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Here are the first 5 important ranking factors that SEO company service Singapore want to point out. Hope you’ll this article is valuable for your site. If you need our assistance, please feel free to contact us and let’s wait and see out next article.

Source: Consolidate from many other SEO sources. 


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10 most important SEO ranking factors (part 1)
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